New Entrants Training Scheme (NETS)

The New Entrants Training Scheme is based on a version of apprenticeship for those who are either recently employed or self-employed and starting to learn their trade.

Unlike the Saddlery Apprenticeship Scheme, which is partly Government funded, this scheme is more suitable for those who are funding their own training.

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The objective is to achieve four industry recognised qualifications, City & Guilds Diploma in Saddlery, Level 2 and 3 in Bridle and Saddle Making. These four qualifications will enable you to apply to The Society of Master Saddlers for membership as a Qualified Saddler.

How is the training delivered?

Successful applicants will attend The Saddlery Training Centre for their off the job training. This involves attending the Centre for a week of intensive training every 10 weeks (5 weeks a year) for approximately 3 years.

The total number of training weeks will vary according to your experience at the start of the course, how much time can be set aside to practice and the speed of development.

The training is based on traditional skills and techniques that will help improve the quality of work and productivity. Candidates will always be working towards an agreed action plan that will clearly explain their pathway and progression towards each assessment.


In some circumstances it may be possible to apply for partial funding of these courses. The Saddlery Training Centre can help advise on the application process for funding, once course dates have been agreed.